Penasco EDD
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The Puerto Penasco Economic Development District is expected to be within the area lightened above. The black line leading from Puerto Penasco to Isla Angel de la Guarda indicates the expected path of the power conduit and water line from the OTEC. The anticipated route of the corridor to the sea from SpaceHarbor are indicated by lightened area above the border.

The Puerto Penasco Economic Development District (PPEDD) represents the community's interests throughout the development processes.

Current information about existing organizations dealing with this issue are being researched. However, any organization that brings together all the interested parties will serve the same function from the perspective of this macro-economic concept.

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ABOUT THIS WEB SITE: The MetaAmerica Project web site is an ongoing effort to facilitate discussion about the long term potential of the US/Mexico and Arizona/Sonora economic development relationship. Planned additions to this site include discussion groups and consortia pages. The idea of consortia is rooted in the economic opportunity inherent in the investment required to develop the region, and the many significant technologies needed to do it. 

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Estimated costs of construction:
46.5 Billion Dollars US

    Space Harbor

      20 Billion $US

    Corridor to Sea

      8 Billion $US

    Puerto Penasco EDD

      10 Billion $US

    Cortez Coastal Carriers

      2.5 Billion US


      6 Billion US


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