Cortez Carriers
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Cortez Coastal Carriers
"Queens of the Sea of Cortez"

Conceptualizing a development plan for the Sea of Cortez requires an elegant solution to the problems of low population and relative isolation experienced on its desert- shore perimeter.

The beauty and vitality of the sea is complimented by its constant good weather, making it ideal for slow cruising and pleasure boating. Herein lies the opportunity to create a stepping stone technology to enable sustained growth and support shore development along the entire beach front of the Sea of Cortez.


A small floating port and ferry with a luxury hotel onboard able to host all the basic needs of civilization, Cortez Coastal Carrier Cruises can be advertised throughout North, Central and South America, targeting recreational vehicle owners, sport fishermen, scuba divers and eco-tourists. As development gets underway freight and worker transport will be basic functions. A minimum number of Carriers will be needed to enable reliable service at multiple ports, but an initial group of five or six should be able to establish the business.


The CCC is designed to service shore communities via hovercraft and small boats. Helicopters can land aboard  as well. Roll-on Roll-off of trucks, RVs and passenger cans can be done at ports with appropriate facilities and/or motor vehicles can be discharged via the hovercraft.

Tractor trailer rigs with ocean containers are the base size unit for the hovercraft and roll-on/roll-off facilities.

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Estimated costs of construction:
46.5 Billion Dollars US

    Space Harbor

      20 Billion $US

    Corridor to Sea

      8 Billion $US

    Puerto Penasco EDD

      10 Billion $US

    Cortez Coastal Carriers

      2.5 Billion US


      6 Billion US


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