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Illustration from Rand McNally Deluxe Illustrated Atlas of the World

The Northern Gulf of California is quite shallow as shown in the illustration above. The three colors of blue represent depths between one hundred, two hundred and one thousand meters. It is approximately fifty kilometers from Puerto Penasco to reach a place where the sea is a depth of one hundred meters.

The high number of sunny days makes this shallow area a virtual solar collector and causes a strong convection current in the sea between Isla Angel de la Guarda and Baja as cooler deep water rushes in to replace warm water which pushes south on the eastern side of the gulf.

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Ocean Thermal Electric Conversion in the Sea of Cortez can be located on the eastern coast of Baja or on the Isla Angel de la Guarda.

Electric power generators need nearby markets, and the  Puerto Penasco EDD could buy all the power available. A power conduit from the island to could be dropped on the sea bed without difficulty.

Freshwater for the Puerto Penasco area could be delivered via a pipeline from the OTEC and laid down at the same time as the electric conduit.

 A land-based OTEC offers a great opportunity for aquaculture. Cool nutrient-rich sea water is continually discharged from the power plant. If properly designed from the beginning, the water will course through the aqua culture runways before being returned to sea without additional inputs of energy for pumping. Protection from foraging sea birds through enclosures is one requirement, but the other major costs are subsidized by the OTEC

Researchers at Columbia University's Lamont-De-Herty Geological Observatory said in a report::

    A one hundred megawatt OTEC discharges enough condenser effluent to yield about 129,000 tons of shellfish annually and a similar quantity of carrageen-containing seaweed.

If the wholesale cost of shellfish is 2.50 per pound, then the shellfish will gross 645 million dollars per year.

The combination of these three outputs from the OTECortez plant make it financially feasible for the gulf, and the environmentally beneficial nature of its operation make it ideal from a sustainable development perspective. 

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Estimated costs of construction:
46.5 Billion Dollars US

    Space Harbor

      20 Billion $US

    Corridor to Sea

      8 Billion $US

    Puerto Penasco EDD

      10 Billion $US

    Cortez Coastal Carriers

      2.5 Billion US


      6 Billion US


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